Author: Mridul Gupta

Anant, one of my uncles, went through a varicose-veins surgery recently. While the surgery was successful, our overall experience was horrendous. Our first challenge was to find the right hospital. Since none of the larger […]

For the English version, click here भारत एक विचारशील समाज है, जिसमें वाद-विवाद एवं तर्क की बहुत महत्ता है । चाहे वह मोदीजी की चाय पे चर्चा हो, कोलकाता का प्रसिद्ध अड्डा, दोस्त की शादी […]

“Indians are an opinionated lot” – so much so that Mr. Narendra Modi made ‘Chai pe charcha’ as the key publicity drive of his last election campaign. But you don’t need to take anyone’s word […]

Ever wondered why all mosquito repellent TV commercials have kids? Children are believed to develop an immediate emotional rapport with the audience because as parents we are conscious of our kids’ safety more than our […]

For the English version click here रिलायंस जियो भारतीय टेलीकॉम उद्योद में ऐसा परिवर्तन लाया है, जिसने उनकी व्यापर रणनीति के कट्टर आलोचकों को भी  झुकने पर मजबूर कर दिया । जियो के कारण आयी […]

Commerce is intrinsically a social activity and Social Commerce, by definition, is about buying online in an interactive, participatory manner. The plethora of options available a click away has increased the need to involve friends and […]

The quote describes it the best – we work hard to earn money but do not put it to the best use. Most people just put money in their savings account (or probably FDs at […]

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