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As a co-founder of VC-backed travel start-up Mygola (acquired by MakeMyTrip), and then Chief Product Officer for MakeMyTrip and GoIbibo (MMT / GI) – India’s largest OTA, Anshuman Bapna knows a thing or two about building digital […]

Enough has been written about the need for more consumer brands in almost all spheres of our lives. Given that we are all consumers first, it is apparent that with increasing individualism, rising incomes, and […]

If you have raised venture capital in India in the past few years, you have surely asked yourself the question, “Should I be raising venture debt as well?”. Venture debt, as the term suggests, is […]

Have you heard the cobra story? The story goes like this – there were a lot of cobras in Delhi and to kill them, the British rulers announced an incentive per killed cobra. Did it […]

As investors, we are asked several times a month – “How do you decide which start-up to invest in?”. Despite the universal truth that the market trumps everything else, we all invest first and foremost […]

Like many people in business, I learned negotiation during my MBA. I took a very popular and highly enjoyable class on the topic and learned a variety of concepts and techniques for successful negotiation. Soon […]

Founded in 2008, Capillary Technologies has since then seen numerous ups and downs to become one of India’s largest cloud-based platform for providers of omni-channel customer engagement solutions to retailers and brands. The growth trajectory […]

Every sector has a few large marketplaces, where brands compete with each other to get the maximum share of the customers’ wallet. For instance, Flipkart/Amazon for e-commerce and Makemytrip/ for travel. However, in a competitive […]

Getting media attention can be difficult for early-stage entrepreneurs, so it is important to make the most of whatever opportunities you get. Over the past five years, I have interviewed over a thousand entrepreneurs across […]

No single phrase has ever done as much damage to the profession of sales as ‘selling ice to an Eskimo’ has. How many times have we heard someone describe a great salesperson, and add this […]

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