We are Stellaris Venture Partners. An early stage venture capital firm
on a mission to back fearless founders and co-building world class Indian
companies with them. Learn more about us

Investment Basics

We like to invest early at seed, pre-series A or series A stage. It is never too early for us for a stellar founding team and a killing idea. Also, it is also not too late if you have product market fit and are now looking to scale up.

We can invest upto $3M in our entry cheque and do follow-on investments till series B.

We are sector agnostic and explore opportunities to invest in all the sectors as long as there is some role to be played by the technology for disruption and scaling

This can vary from situation to situation. The less time we have to make a decision, the more conviction we need to build about the company. Sometimes we may spend many months developing relationship with the founders and our own conviction in the space while sometimes we have move from intro to closer under 2 weeks. generally speaking, you can expect following process:

1st call: This is a basic introductory call when you interact with our investment team member for the first time. In most cases this is going to be over call though we are pretty much open for in-person meetings as well. These will be typically 30-45 min call where we let founder do most of the talking.

2nd meeting: If we feel interested to talk further after our 1st call, we tend to meet the team 2nd time typically with one more colleague. Here we like to get deeper understanding of the business as well as founding team.

Diligence: Once we are convinced on the value proposition and the founding team, we start the diligence process. This happens only when we want to seriously explore an investment possibility. We clear up our calendars and doing market, business, product and team diligence becomes our top most priority. If anytime during the diligence we decide this opportunity is not the one, we stop the process then and there and communicate it to founding team in order to save everybody’s time. However, if we are still bullish after the diligence, we take you to the investment committee (IC)

IC: Here, you present your case to the entire team (including partnership) followed by Q&As. This usually goes upto 2 hours. Post this our IC discuss the opportunity at length and often the decision is made on the same day.

this entire process can take from few weeks to 1 or 2 months depending upon founder’s pace and our conviction levels.

It is difficult to judge a person in one meeting. That’s why we value a warm intro from people we know and trust. This includes founders of our portfolio companies and angel investors & entrepreneurs in our personal network. It gives us more data about the people we are looking to partner with. A direct referral usually gets a quicker response, but don’t hesitate to email us yourself. We understand that a good idea can come from anywhere.

You can reach out to any of us in the investment team and we will direct you to the right person to talk to. We have sector specific teams which helps us in building depth in those sectors. This way, we can identify opportunity areas, take better decisions and also give founders some valuable insights.

What we look for

We like to be thesis driven and look for a big market, right timing and a stellar founding team. These are the biggest factors we look for evaluating any business. We talk to experts, relevant stakeholders & customers to validate our assumptions and sharpen our insights. We often do a lot of primary and secondary research and then apply our own lens to develop conviction. We are very strong believers of first principles approach and always rely on our own judgement.

We are sector agnostic and explore opportunities to invest in all the sectors as long as there is some role to be played by the technology for disruption and scaling

Building a large successful business is very very hard and not everybody are designed to win against so little odds. You not only need to be passionate about the idea to bring it to life from a mere paper plan, but also strategy and execute yourself at every stage as it scales. On top of it, you also should be able to convince others about your ridiculous idea every now and then. These are exceedingly rare skills to find. We often look for following skill-sets while evaluating founders (oh please! don’t dare to ask, how we judge them):
1.Learning Agility
2.Leadership Skills
3.Growth orientation
4.Customer focus
5.Sales skills / Story telling

Why are we different

We are a startup in investing and tend to go out of our ways to help our portfolio companies scale. We party when you hit a homerun and tighten our belt for support during a rough patch. one of our experienced partners joins your board after investment and helps you in strategic decisions, future fund raising, and key hires. We also try to leverage all of our Stellaris Founder Network to find you the right set of mentors to look up to.

We have partnered with many high quality founders who also often co-invest with us with their personal money. With their skin in the game, they help you with their learnings and network. A right set of advisors can often save you from committing fatal mistakes early on in your venture journey.

Our guiding principles

We envision to create a world full of optimism by backing fearless founders and helping them solve problems for indian consumers and global businesses. We are on a mission to create a world class VC firm playing an active role in placing Indian startups at the centre of the world stage in the startup ecosystem.

Everyone needs a guiding light while we do what we do. We, as individuals and as a firm follow the following value system to operate and achieve our vision of creating a world class VC firm:
1.Intellectual Honesty – We will always be unbiased and honest towards all stakeholders in all our interactions within and outside the firm
2.Empathy – Entrepreneurship is a hard path for founders, who show perseverance despite the odds stacked against them. It is important for us to be able to put ourselves in their shoes, be respectful, provide reasons for not pursuing an investment opportunity and be intellectually honest about it.
3.Integrity – We try to conducting ourselves with highest level of professional and ethical standards consistently. Even though we don’t sign NDAs with entrepreneurs, they trust us with their information. We are always careful to maintain their confidentiality at every level.