Anagh Prasad

Growing up in the pre-Facebook era, with both parents having transferable jobs, Anagh considers himself lucky to have witnessed the breadth of India; having lived in remote rural-forest lands, numerous tier-II cities, as well as the top metropolitans. He is both inspired and stupefied by the ways in which common Indians’ lives changed as he grew up.

At Stellaris, he hopes to join the stories of companies radically transforming how Indians live, work, and think. Anagh is a fan of multiple choice quizzes but he has incredible trouble in picking his favourite space from the pie of exciting spaces. Hence, he keeps his eyes out for anything interesting he can discover more of.

Prior to Stellaris, he worked as a quantitative strategist in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. He loves anything and everything about Indian food, and can most commonly be spotted at Bangalore’s street food stalls.

Anagh joined IIT Delhi with All India Rank #1 in JEE(Main) and graduated with the Gold Medal for overall achievement from the Department of Computer Science.