Asian Elephants vs American Rabbits

In conversation with Khadim Bhatti, co-founder & CEO of Whatfix

Remote Sales for Global Markets

In conversation with Krish Subramanian, Founder & CEO of Chargebee

Customer Success

In conversation with Sreedhar Peddineni, ex co-founder of Gainsight

Asia Centric GTM – What does it take?

In conversation with Aneesh Reddy, CEO of Capillary Technologies

Building Product Roadmap

In conversation with Rohit Chennamaneni, co-founder of Darwinbox

Revenue Ops

In conversation with Siva Rajamani, CEO of Everstage & ex-head of revenue ops, Freshworks

Solving the Pricing Puzzle

In conversation with Krishna Depura, co-founder of Mindtickle

Demand Generation

In Conversation with Sandeep Nagpal, VP-Global Marketing, Cvent.

Product Marketing.

In conversation with Supriya Goswami VP-Product Marketing, Whatfix.

Building US teams…

In conversation with Umesh Sachdev, Co-Founder and CEO, Uniphore and Vispi Daver, Senior Vice President, Whatfix.

Content Marketing..

In Conversation with Asad Khan, Co-ounder and CEO, Lambdatest and Vipul Gupta, Vice President Marketing, Whatfix

Channels and Alliances..

In conversation with Arpit Ratan, Co-Founder, Signzy and Kushal Nahata
Co-founder and CEO, FarEye

Outbound Demand Gen

In conversation with Deepak Anchala, Founder, Slintel and Ankur Saigal
Co-founder, BambooBox.

Product Analytics and Instrumentation

In conversation with Deepak Diwakar, Cofounder, MindTickle and Praveen Das, Cofounder,

Turbocharging Webinars

In conversation with Nitin Jayakrishnan, Founder, PandoCorp and Gokul Suresh, Head of Field & Growth Marketing, Whatfix.

Product Lead Growth

In conversation with Rishen Kapoor, Co-Founder and CEO, Toplyne and Sanket Shah, CEO, InVideo.

Customer Marketing

In conversation with Sanjay Manchanda, CMO at Chargebee and Raghu Ravinutala, Co-founder and CEO at yellow.

Evolution of a Sales Organization

In conversation with Khadim Batti, Co-founder & CEO, Whatfix and Vinod Muthukrishnan, VP/ COO, Cisco Webex Customer Experience

  • D2C Dialogues

D2C Dialogues 1
Scaling e-commerce businesses | Featuring Limechat

In conversation with Nikhil Gupta, Co-founder of Limechat on using tech to acquire, convert and serve customers.

D2C Dialogues 2
Using influencer marketing as a performance channel | Featuring Sarva & One Impression

In conversation with Sarvesh Shashi, Founder of Sarva and Apaksh Gupta, Founder of One Impression

D2C Dialogues 3
Building global brands from India | Featuring WOW Skin Science and Amazon

In conversation with Manish Chowdhary, Co-founder of WOW Skin Science and Sinchita Dutta Roy, Brand Program Lead for Amazon Global Selling

D2C Dialogues 4
Leveraging social commerce to scale consumer brands | Featuring Shop101 and SHEROES

In conversation with Abhinav Jain, Founder of Shop101 and Abhishek Agarwal, Head of Growth and Revenue at SHEROES

D2C Dialogues 5
Role of primary research in building consumer brands | Featuring Vahdam and Crownit

In conversation with Sneha Kaul, Head of Brand Strategy at Vahdam and Sameer Grover, Founder & CEO at Crownit

D2C Dialogues 6
Winning on e-commerce marketplaces | Featuring Atomberg and FoodStrong

In conversation with Shibam Das, Co-founder of Atomberg and Avartan Bokil, Founder of FoodStrong

D2C Dialogues 7
Leveraging the power of community in building a new-age brand | Featuring boAt & Zouk

In conversation with Aman Gupta, Co-Founder and CMO at boAt and Disha Singh, Co-founder of Zouk.

D2C Dialogues 8
Optimising the D2C Supply Chain | Featuring Gynoveda & WareIQ

In conversation with Vishal Gupta, Founder & CEO of Gynoveda and Harsh Vaidya CEO at WareIQ