Slintel: Learnings from Building a Data as a Service (DaaS) Business

Our portfolio company Slintel recently closed its Series A round; the round was led by GGV Ventures, with participation from existing investors (us, Accel and Sequoia). We partnered with Slintel …

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Building an Operating System for Enterprise Sales Process – Our Investment in BuyerAssist

Enterprise sales is a journey, not just a transaction. It involves complex project management spread across 100s of emails, telephonic conversations, project management tools and many ad-hoc …

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Decoding Product Marketing for B2B SaaS

It’s safe to say that Indian SaaS companies have started making some waves in the global market in recent times – SaaS revenue for the Indian ecosystem has been pegged at ~$ 3B, growing at …

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Startups must uphold their ESOP promises

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, my close friend was let go from his position as Vice President at a large, well-funded startup. As a participant in the company’s Employee Stock Option Plan, …

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The Next Decade in Indian Ed-Tech

A lot has been written about the surge in funding in Indian ed-tech – the sector received more than USD 2B in funding in 2020, compared to USD 550M in 2019. However, Byju’s acquisition of …

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Early-stage investing in India: Observations of a one-year old

I made an excited jump into early stage investing on Friday the 13th last December. The 22 year old me devising randomized algorithms in Bharti Building’s labs at IIT Delhi had no idea that his …

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Why digital first consumer brands need to transform themselves into data first consumer brands

Historically, It has been hard to disrupt a consumer brand. Many of the leading consumer brands (either individual or a group) – Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Unilever, P&G, Colgate, Gucci, Nestle, …

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Building Data as a Service (DaaS) Companies: Early Learnings from Our Partnership with Slintel

Sometime in 2017, we had the opportunity to speak with Deepak Anchala, co-founder and CEO of Slintel. Deepak was building a SaaS company in the sales intelligence space. It was early days for him. We …

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Top 10 best practices to leverage your Board

Founders of a well run startup invariably have multiple balls up in the air. One of the key aspects founders need to deal with is their Board. For some founders, Board members add little value and …

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Testing hypotheses and understanding customer behavior using cohort analysis

In 2015, I was running my first startup. It was a laundry services business. We were the new age Dhobis – as my parents would call it – where customers could book the service on an app, …

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SaaS Talks Session #1
Asian Elephants vs American Rabbits
In conversation with Khadim Bhatti, co-founder & CEO of Whatfix

SaaS Talks Session #2
Remote Sales for Global Markets
In conversation with Krish Subramanian, Founder & CEO of Chargebee

SaaS Talks Session #3
Customer Success
In conversation with Sreedhar Peddineni, ex co-founder of Gainsight

SaaS Talks Session #4
Asia Centric GTM – What does it take?
In conversation with Aneesh Reddy, CEO of Capillary Technologies

SaaS Talks Session #5
Building Product Roadmap
In conversation with Rohit Chennamaneni, co-founder of Darwinbox

SaaS Talks Session #6
Revenue Ops
In conversation with Siva Rajamani, CEO of Everstage & ex-head of revenue ops, Freshworks

SaaS Talks Session #7
Solving the Pricing Puzzle
In conversation with Krishna Depura, co-founder of Mindtickle

  • D2C Dialogues

D2C Dialogues 1: Featuring Limechat
D2C Dialogues 1:
Using tech to acquire and serve customers

D2C Dialogues 2:Influencer Marketing featuring Sarva and One Impression
D2C Dialogues 2:
Influencer Marketing featuring Sarva and One Impression

D2C Dialogues 3: Building Global Brands from India
D2C Dialogues 3:
Building Global Brands from India