Top 10 best practices to leverage your Board

Founders of a well run startup invariably have multiple balls up in the air. One of the key aspects founders need to deal with is their Board. For some founders, Board members add little value and …

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Testing hypotheses and understanding customer behavior using cohort analysis

In 2015, I was running my first startup. It was a laundry services business. We were the new age Dhobis – as my parents would call it – where customers could book the service on an app, …

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Scaling Mount Organization

This article was originally published at YourStory Building a large, sustainable company is hard, and the odds are always against the entrepreneur. Often we believe that if we find a meaningful …

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Swapping vs Charging – business of refueling EVs – (3/3)

A Li-ion battery needs to be charged regularly and can go through 1500-2000 charging-discharging cycles in its lifetime. The business to supply energy to batteries is an interesting opportunity in …

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Recharged – opportunities & challenges in the battery space – (2/3)

For an EV, battery is the most differentiating component. It accounts for 40-50% of the total vehicle cost and plays the most important role in a vehicle’s performance. It can draw the line between …

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Startups vs Incumbents – who will win the Indian EV race? (1/3)

History suggests that creation of a new automotive OEM is next to impossible. Incumbents always win this war due to the long product development cycles, high investments in supply chain, distribution …

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High Quality, Personalized, Affordable – What Tuitions Should Look Like, and Why We Invested in Swiflearn

tuition /tjuːˈɪʃ(ə)n/ noun teaching or instruction, especially of individual pupils or small groups. After-school tuitions are ubiquitous in India, being squarely in the need as opposed to the …

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Reimagining health insurance for India

The Status Quo India spends close to USD 120 bn on healthcare each year, of which 80% spend happens on hospitalizations. More than 90% of this spend comes out of pocket. This has left a vast majority …

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Navigating your start-up in uncertain times

I lived through two major downturns. The first one led to personal bankruptcy, and I narrowly survived the second one. In 2001, I worked for a boutique strategy firm in the Bay Area focused on growth …

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Keeping Indian Startups Indian

“A modified version of this article appeared in the Economic Times on March 5, 2020“ Technologists and tech investors are fond of saying “data is the new oil”. Often, they mean that …

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Asian Elephants vs American Rabbits

In conversation with Khadim Bhatti, co-founder & CEO of Whatfix

Remote Sales for Global Markets

In conversation with Krish Subramanian, Founder & CEO of Chargebee

Customer Success

In conversation with Sreedhar Peddineni, ex co-founder of Gainsight

Asia Centric GTM – What does it take?

In conversation with Aneesh Reddy, CEO of Capillary Technologies

Building Product Roadmap

In conversation with Rohit Chennamaneni, co-founder of Darwinbox

Revenue Ops

In conversation with Siva Rajamani, CEO of Everstage & ex-head of revenue ops, Freshworks

Solving the Pricing Puzzle

In conversation with Krishna Depura, co-founder of Mindtickle

Demand Generation
In Conversation with Sandeep Nagpal, VP-Global Marketing, Cvent.

Product Marketing.
In conversation with Supriya Goswami VP-Product Marketing, Whatfix.

Building US teams…
In conversation with Umesh Sachdev, Co-Founder and CEO, Uniphore and Vispi Daver, Senior Vice President, Whatfix.

Content Marketing..
In Conversation with Asad Khan, Co-ounder and CEO, Lambdatest and Vipul Gupta, Vice President Marketing, Whatfix

Channels and Alliances..
In conversation with Arpit Ratan, Co-Founder, Signzy and Kushal Nahata
Co-founder and CEO, FarEye

Outbound Demand Gen
In conversation with Deepak Anchala, Founder, Slintel and Ankur Saigal
Co-founder, BambooBox.

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D2C Dialogues 1: Featuring Limechat
D2C Dialogues 1:
Using tech to acquire and serve customers

D2C Dialogues 2:Influencer Marketing featuring Sarva and One Impression
D2C Dialogues 2:
Influencer Marketing featuring Sarva and One Impression

D2C Dialogues 3: Building Global Brands from India
D2C Dialogues 3:
Building Global Brands from India

D2C Dialogues 4: Leveraging social commerce to scale consumer brands featuring Shop101 and SHEROES
D2C Dialogues 4:
Leveraging social commerce to scale consumer brands featuring Shop101 and SHEROES