Hello World!

Hello world!

This month, we closed the first round of our maiden $100 million fund, and as we get into action, we are excited to announce the launch of our blog.

If you’re on this page, we are glad that you found us. You could be a founder, investor, employer, employee, blogger, researcher, journalist.. there is one common theme that binds us – we are all a part of this great journey of building things. We are the startup world.

Here, you will see us writing about our point of view on emerging trends, our investment thesis, and independent research and analysis on trending topics in our ecosystem.

We will also tap into our founder network members, portfolio founders, industry observers, and startup entrepreneurs to spark conversations and debates which are waiting to be discussed (and till date, are talked about behind closed doors). This will be a platform for people to express their opinions, and on our part, we will be upfront in expressing ours.

The aim is to start a discussion.

And as we get into action, we reiterate our belief that India will continue to grow over the next few decades as a country and that entrepreneurship will be the primary fuel driving this growth.  We, at Stellaris, hope to play a small part in making that possible.

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