Naman Lahoty

Naman brings the entrepreneurial blood at Stellaris. Apart from showing off his fat % to everyone at the lunch table, he is known for making the company off-sites fun by having an embarrassing story always in his back pocket. He is also self-proclaimed sports and fitness enthusiast. However, we are yet to see him hitting a gym or saying no to a dessert at office parties.

Naman graduated from IITB and defies convention by choosing not to go to a B-school but to get his hands dirty in startups since the beginning of his career. He worked with Flipkart back in 2012 when it was yet to be a unicorn.

He was then one of the first hires at Toppr, where he hustled to look after everything non-tech. He later started his own venture DoorMint in the consumer internet space that was recognized by Forbes and Google raising funds from Helion and Kalaari.

He dabbled with a consumer brand idea of building a protein shake brand before finally succumbing to the dark side at Stellaris.

At Stellaris, Naman looks after B2B & B2C Commerce, Consumer Brands, Travel & Mobility.

Current Portfolio