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Climate Tech – The Next Frontier for Legendary Companies

Arpit Maheshwari

Are creators the next unlock for consumer brands to break another ceiling?

Rahul Chowdhri

How organising small truck operators will reduce India’s logistics cost

Rajesh Yabaji | Alok Goyal

Growth Stories with Brijesh Agrawal | Stellaris Founder Network

Rahul Chowdhri

Growth Stories with Krishna Kumar | Stellaris Founder Network

Krishna Kumar | Rahul Chowdhri

Simplifying Retail Store Expansion – Our Investment in 91SquareFeet

Naman Lahoty

Spectrum is just the start: How 5G will enable a wave of new applications

Mainak Ghosh

Growth Stories with Rajesh Yabaji | Stellaris Founder Network

Rajesh Yabaji | Alok Goyal

Quick Commerce: The answer to elusive customer retention in grocery and retail?

Nishith Rastogi | Mainak Ghosh

Customer Marketing – Your Most Important Lever in a Down Cycle

Alok Goyal | Alok Goyal

What lies beneath? The tech behind banking

Dilipkumar Khandelwal | Mainak Ghosh

Is the recession already upon us? A SaaSy take

Alok Goyal

Catalyzing India’s Move to Electric – Our Investment in Turno

Hemanth Aluru | Arpit Maheshwari

Growth Stories with Anuj Srivastava | Stellaris Founder Network

Founder Network | Rahul Chowdhri

Paying it Forward with the Stellaris Founder Network

Founder Network | Alok Goyal

Future of Creator Monetization is Direct: Our Investment in Rigi

Ananya Singhal | Anagh Prasad

Decoding our Investment in LimeChat

Aniket Bajpai | Alok Goyal

Dev startups: is it finally India’s time?

Anagh Prasad

How B2B Marketplaces Should Think About Solving Their Working Capital Issues

Market Trends | Naman Lahoty

The Future of SaaS, an Indian Perspective

Investment Thesis | Arpit Maheshwari

Slintel’s Journey From Seed to Exit in Less Than 3 Years

6sense | Alok Goyal

MLOps – Opportunities in powering 2020s’ AI-Revolution

AI | Anagh Prasad

Why We Invested in GTM Buddy?

Enterprise sales | Alok Goyal

Developer-led Innovation: 7 Emerging Trends in Dev-Software

Anagh Prasad

Interactive Communities: the next big thing in the creator economy

Anagh Prasad

How software can lead to improved data privacy (no, really!), and why we are excited about it

Arpit Maheshwari

Slintel: Learnings from Building a Data as a Service (DaaS) Business

Learnings from | Arpit Maheshwari

Building an Operating System for Enterprise Sales Process – Our Investment in BuyerAssist

Enterprise | Naman Lahoty

Decoding Product Marketing for B2B SaaS

Arpit Maheshwari

Startups must uphold their ESOP promises

ESOP promises | Ritesh

The Next Decade in Indian Ed-Tech

decade | Arpit Maheshwari

Early-stage investing in India: Observations of a one-year old

Anagh Prasad

Why digital first consumer brands need to transform themselves into data first consumer brands

consumer brand | Naman Lahoty

Building Data as a Service (DaaS) Companies: Early Learnings from Our Partnership with Slintel

building data | Alok Goyal

Top 10 best practices to leverage your Board

board management | Rahul Chowdhri

Testing hypotheses and understanding customer behavior using cohort analysis

Business Fundamentals | Naman Lahoty

Scaling Mount Organization

mount | Alok Goyal

Swapping vs Charging – business of refueling EVs – (3/3)

Electric Vehicles | Naman Lahoty

Recharged – opportunities & challenges in the battery space – (2/3)

Electric Vehicles | Naman Lahoty

Startups vs Incumbents – who will win the Indian EV race? (1/3)

Electric Vehicles | Naman Lahoty

High Quality, Personalized, Affordable – What Tuitions Should Look Like, and Why We Invested in Swiflearn

tuitions | Arpit Maheshwari

Reimagining health insurance for India


Navigating your start-up in uncertain times

Covid | Alok Goyal

Keeping Indian Startups Indian

Indian-startups | Ritesh Banglani

Enterprise Product Management: Listening to the customer but building for the market

Team Stellaris

So, how do you move upmarket?

ACV | Alok Goyal

Creating Design Centred Product Organizations

Anshuman Bapna | Arpit Maheshwari

Why moving upmarket is (mostly) important for creating large SaaS companies

Alok Goyal | Alok Goyal

Creating a Step Change in Effectiveness for B2B Marketers, or Why We Invested in Slintel

Slintel | Alok Goyal

Data science: From start to scale

Data Science | Naman Lahoty

Speech recognition: Our view on how the market will evolve for enterprise and consumer use cases

AI | Alok Goyal

Scalability of New Age Consumer Brands

consumer brand | Arpit Maheshwari

Addressing the opportunity of part truck load in Indian logistics industry: Loadshare’s journey

Loadshare | Aditi Gupta

Electric Vehicles in India: A Forward Looking View

Electric Vehicles | Alok Goyal

Electric Vehicles: The Imminent Disruption

Electric Vehicles | Alok Goyal

Unity in diversity – an exploration as Bharat goes Digital!

Aditi Gupta | Aditi Gupta

Let’s talk about debt, baby

debt | Ritesh Banglani

Whatfix: What we Learnt from Series A to Series B in a SaaS Business

Alok Goyal | Alok Goyal

Coin operators…And what coin do you need?

Alok Goyal | Alok Goyal

Faster, cheaper, better: Our view on the future of elective surgeries in India

Mridul Gupta

Can there be a framework to identify Fearless Founders?

Rahul Chowdhary | Rahul Chowdhri

भारत के लिए चर्चा का प्लेटफॉर्म : ‘मंच’ ऐप में हमारा निवेश

Aditi Gupta

Creating the discussion platform for Bharat : Our investment in Manch

Aditi Gupta

A simpler and stress-free approach to negotiation

Ritesh Banglani | Ritesh Banglani

Is Execution Starting to Slow Down?

Stellaris Founder Network

Signzy: Ushering in trust in the digital era

Alok Goyal

Interview: The evolving Indian Consumer

Rahul Chowdhary | Rahul Chowdhri

Mamaearth – bringing the best of nature for you and your baby

Mridul Gupta

Hamara kal, hamara aaj – are scooters the future of urban mobility in India?

Ritesh Banglani

How Capillary Technologies turned around its Demand Generation and Sales function

Aditi Gupta

Part 2 – Interview: Building credible startup tech teams

Rahul Chowdhri

Missed the boat…

Rahul Chowdhri

India centric SaaS: Are we ready for take-off?

Alok Goyal

Part 1 – Interview: Building credible startup tech teams

Rahul Chowdhri

Disrupting Social Commerce – our investment in Shop101

Rahul Chowdhri

Capital: The Game-Changer India Needs

Stellaris Founder Network

What makes brands standout in a cluttered marketplace?

Kunal Jain

Unlocking opportunities in India’s long haul logistics market

Aditi Gupta

Delivery woes? Let’s Loadshare!

Alok Goyal

Golden opportunity for Indian content startups

Mridul Gupta

भारतीय कंटेंट स्टार्टअप्स के लिये सुनहरा अवसर

Mridul Gupta

Nailing that Press Interview

Aditi Shrivastava

‘To sell is Human’ – Getting the sales model right

Alok Goyal

Social touch to India’s buy button

Mridul Gupta

India’s real advantage in SaaS

Aditi Gupta

A Wechat for India?

Rahul Chowdhri

Business travel: Ripe for disruption?

Alok Goyal

mFine, how about you?

Ritesh Banglani

Will consumer tech rule the enterprise?

Stellaris Founder Network

Chronicles of the first cheque

Aditi Shrivastava

Our investment in Noticeboard

Alok Goyal

Why new Tv is exactly like old TV

Ritesh Banglani

How Whatfix evolved its pricing and go-to-market strategy

Aditi Shrivastava

To AI or not to AI

Alok Goyal

The why and how of startup media

MARKETING | Aditi Shrivastava

The rise of automated investment advisors – T&C apply

Mridul Gupta

How to pick the right advisors for your startup

Aditi Shrivastava

Re-Inventing User Adoption and Support – Our Investment in Whatfix

Alok Goyal

Greatest trick the devil ever pulled

Apoorv Singh

Announcing our first investment – Wydr

Rahul Chowdhri

Will Global companies eat our lunch?

Alok Goyal

Will Indian tech companies ever be profitable?

Ritesh Banglani

Why India is a large tech market

Rahul Chowdhri

Hello World!

Aditi Shrivastava

Our beliefs

Team Stellaris