Ritesh Banglani

Ritesh is our go-to-guy for all things IT. It essentially means that once he’s free from our IT queries and issues, he looks at investments across technology companies in Healthcare, Travel, and Financial Services.

He has a strong interest in companies solving uniquely Indian problems, especially those daring innovators and risk-takers who apply/integrate new technologies to their industry for the first time.

Prior to Stellaris, Ritesh was a Partner at Helion, where he invested in online services and healthcare companies like Taxiforsure, Lifecell, and Trulymadly. Also, before he moved over to the dark side in 2007, he was a product manager for online and mobile consumer products.

Ritesh loves to engage in conversations about technology, economics, books, comics, and cricket – basically your average social media warrior. Once upon a time, he was quite outdoorsy but now he spends his days (well, most of them) reminiscing on past glories.

He has a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi and an MBA from INSEAD and serves as Adjunct Faculty at IIM Bangalore.

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