CTOs are facing the new reality of doing more with less. As the demand for sophisticated data infrastructure continues to surge, market dynamics emphasize the need for cost optimization. The emergence of LLMs has also opened up exciting opportunities to redefine modern data stacks.

In this engaging discussion, Pranav Tiwari, Raghotham Murthy, and Bhaskar Ghosh, Sayantan Sarkar captures insights on modern data infrastructure & emerging trends impacting it.

00:0001:20: Introduction to the discussion

01:2107:32: Infra challenges in the applications world

07:3311:56: Problems in the areas of data engineering and infrastructure

11:5723:16: Core challenges in Data and Infrastructure with the evolution of technology & scale

23:1732:59: Evolution of data stacks

33:0037:04: Evolving AI stack and trends in open source in Gen AI tooling

37:0541:35: Opportunities for startups

41:3644:32: Trends in the core and non-core budgets, build vs buy across data and AI platforms

44:3346:30: Game-changing areas in Data & Infrastructure