B2B Commerce: Landscaping the opportunity

A landscape of startups from India building B2B Commerce plays.

Climate Tech – The Next Frontier for Legendary Companies

Our take about the space and why we think it can present exciting investment opportunities.

Are creators the next unlock for brands?

Our thesis on the emerging creator-led models

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The recent launch of  “Credit line on UPI” by NPCI is a pivotal point in India’s credit journey, one that will give rise to several...

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In this edition of Fintech Forum, discover how Sanjay Aggarwal, Co-founder of Moneyview, and Kunal Varma, Co-founder & CEO of Freo are driving credit penetration...

Register for our future SaaS Talks: https://rebrand.ly/SaaSTalks Where to domicile your company is an important question when starting your SaaS journey, with downstream implications on...