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Software buying is facing headwinds globally, making the Customer Success function more crucial than ever.

In this edition of #SaaSTalks, we engaged with Manan Shah, Recruiterflow, and Varun Sharma, Enterpret to draw insights from their experience of building high-quality customer success teams across three different orgs.

00:00 – 00:56: Introduction

00:57 – 02:57: Customer Success function structure at Recruiterflow

02:58 – 04:17: Customer Success function structure at Enterpret

04:18 – 07:28: Enterpret’s first customer success hire

07:29 – 10:55: Recruiterflow’s first customer success hire

10:56 – 13:42: Difference in the Customer Success function in scaled companies v/s startups

13:43 – 18:48: Skill sets required in a CSM

18:49 – 22:33: Best archetype to find a CSM

22:34 – 27:21: How do you define KPIs for your CSM

27:22 – 31:38: Should CSMs be responsible for revenue? Should up-sell and cross-sell reside within the CS function?

31:39 – 37:57: Data integration for Customer Success Function

37:58 – 40:50: Flexibility to CSMs to nurture clients

40:51 – 44:12: Evolution of Customer Success function with tooling

44:13 – 49:02: Sales and Customer Success handoff

49:03 – 53:51: Structure of CS teams for a high-LTV product org

About SaaS Talks: SaaS Talks is a series of discussion sessions organized by Stellaris Venture Partners. SaaS Talks is not a conventional webinar but an inclusive discussion session among experts, founders and practitioners to share practical, actionable learnings. No global gyaan.