Watch Jitendra Gupta, Founder, Jupiter and Sumit Gwalani, Co-founder, Fi in conversation with Ritesh Banglani on the evolution of neo-banking in India: consumer behaviour, monetization opportunities, regulatory landscape and the way forward.

00:00 – 01:07: Introduction

01:08 – 10:57: What were your hypothesis when you started building your respective neo banks and who are you building it for?

10:58 – 16:34: What was the thought behind building a bank as opposed to a thin layer on top of the bank?

16:35 – 20:32: Did you get any indications on the customer problem from data points?

20:33 – 26:31: Who is the customer and what are they using the products for? Is this different from your original hypothesis on who the customer was?

26:32 – 32:24: How do you build a savings product with a customer base that is not asset rich? Why is this (millennials) an attractive segment?

32:25 – 36:10: What has driven adoption and transactions for your product?

36:11 – 39:08: Any reasons why bank apps are not able to provide the experience?

39:09 – 43:32: Any hypothesis that you had and it ended up not being true?

43:33 – 46:11: Which other new segments would you explore for Neo-banking and why?

46:12 – 50:23: How has your experience been working with banks? How do you see banks helping you enable your future plans?

50:24 – 52:08: How does the bank react to getting white-labelled?

52:09 – 56:31: How will Neo-banks make money?