In this edition of Fintech Forum, discover how Sanjay Aggarwal, Co-founder of Moneyview, and Kunal Varma, Co-founder & CEO of Freo are driving credit penetration and narrowing the Bharat credit gap as we delve into the key aspects of lending: customer acquisition, underwriting, cost of capital, and collections, in conversation with Mayank Jain, Stellaris.

00:0004:10: Moneyview’s journey of creating financial products for Bharat

04:1108:10: Freo’s focus on credit line and flexibility

08:1109:02: Mayank’s perspective on small-sized ticket loans

09:0315:21: Economic challenges faced by banks in providing credit to this segment

15:2222:28: Digital channels that’ve worked in customer acquisition

22:2928:34: Does WoM effect play in the lending business?

28:3533:08: Building underwriting models in a pure digital model

33:0935:22: Assessing the intent of customer’s payback ability

35:2338:42: Opportunities in the market – Credit-on-UPI & Generative AI

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