Anuj Srivastava, as his introduction on LinkedIn suggests, is a founder, creator, angel investor and googler. Anuj has worked as the Global Head of Product Marketing for the e-commerce team at Google. With years of experience in leading worldwide product marketing functions and a deep knowledge of consumers, he uses his expertise to lead Livspace. He completed his bachelors degree from IIT Kanpur and received his MBA from London Business School.


In the first episode of Growth Stories, Rahul Chowdhri captures Anuj’s journey as an investor, how he’s paying it forward and the trends he’s excited about from a venture point of view.




00:00 – 00:55: Introduction


00:56 – 03:05: Describe your journey as a founder, creator, investor and googler


03:06 – 06:06: What have been some of your childhood experiences that’ve helped you be who are you today?


06:07 – 08:32: Which other characteristics that you’ve developed along your startup journey?


08:33 – 11:01: How did you go about solving a problem in an execution heavy business? How have you scaled?


11:02 – 12:44: What has been the biggest challenge in your journey and how did you overcome it?


12:45 – 15:55: What would be the top three decisions that you think changed the course of Livspace business?


15:56 – 18:39: Are there any top one or two key dos and don’ts that you suggest to emerging founders on going global?


18:40 – 21:28: In what areas are you able to pay forward to some of the upcoming founders?


21:29 – 23:45: What would be the top two or three investment trends that excite you?


23:46 – 27:42 : Rapid Fire

  • One thing you could do differently about Livspace
  • Your favorite book
  • One trait that you would want in an ideal co-founder
  • One trait you want in your investor
  • One thing that you like doing outside Livspace


Growth Stories with the Stellaris Founder Network is a video series capturing the startup journey of successful founders – what it takes to build a company, trends they’re excited about as angel investors and how they are paying it forward.