Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO at Simplilearn has transformed the Indian edtech space by building the world’s #1 online bootcamp for digital skills training. Krishna started the Simplilearn journey with a passion for blogging and teaching. He strongly believes that the impact one can create in the edtech space is real, and it’s global.

An engineering graduate from NIT, Surathkal, India, Krishna attributes much of his success to the knowledge he gleaned from an earlier entrepreneurial venture as the Co-Founder and COO of TechUnified, a software product business for enterprise customers. Krishna has been a key member of the Stellaris Founder Network since its inception.

Rahul Chowdhri, in a candid conversation with Krishna, captures learnings from his entrepreneurial journey, inflection points in building Simplilearn and scaling an edtech business in India and globally.


00:0001:10 – Introduction

01:1108:03 – What led you to becoming an entrepreneur so early on in your career? What were some of the challenges you faced in this journey?

08:0414:12 – When did it occur to you that Simplilearn can become a large business?

14:1315:58 – How did you come about building Simplilearn as a global business?

15:5921:26 – What are the differences in building an edtech product for India v/s global market?

21:2723:45: What would be the two or three key inflection points in the Simplilearn journey?

23:4625:52 – If there was anything you would’ve done differently in hindsight, what would that be?

25:5326:39 – One advice you would give to founders on what not to do?

26:4029:13 – Rapid Fire

Growth Stories with the Stellaris Founder Network is a video series capturing the startup journey of successful founders – what it takes to build a company, trends they’re excited about as angel investors and how they are paying it forward.