Rajesh Yabaji, Co-founder & CEO at BlackBuck is building India’s largest trucking platform with the aim of transforming trade in India. Rajesh has pole vaulted as an entrepreneur, driven by his resilience and perseverance. An IIT Kharagpur graduate, Rajesh was heading the Supply Chain division of ITC’s Leaf Tobacco business before starting BlackBuck. He has been a key member of the Stellaris Founder Network since its inception.

Alok Goyal, in a candid conversation with Rajesh, captures his journey of building a platform for truckers, trends he’s excited about and how he’s paying forward to the startup ecosystem.


00:00 – 00:16 – Candid Take

00:17 – 02:13 – How do you relate your pole vaulting experience with your startup journey?

02:14 – 05:24 – What are the traits that you think have helped you become a successful founder?

05:25 – 09:48 – How did you go about building credibility & transparency among truckers, what were the unexpected challenges and how did your overcome them?

09:49 – 11:35 – Would you think differently about GTM, now v/s then?

11:36 – 15:50: Any particular decision that you thought changed the course of the company

15:51 – 18:00 – What are some of the things that you do to pay it forward to younger entrepreneurs?

18:01 – 19:24 – What motivates you to be part of the SFN community?

19:25 – 20:35 – Any lens that you have while you’re investing as an angel in a startup

20:36 – 22:31 – Any advice you would give to emerging founders on what they should not do

22:32 – 23:42 – Any particular theme or trend that is exciting you the most these days

23:43 – 25:26 – Rapid Fire

  • Your favorite book
  • Your favorite entrepreneur
  • One advice that you would never give to founders
  • Your favourite way to workout

Growth Stories with the Stellaris Founder Network is a video series capturing the startup journey of successful founders – what it takes to build a company, trends they’re excited about as angel investors and how they are paying it forward.