Over the past few months, we’ve seen a plethora of Generative AI applications emerge across various fields; predominantly focusing on business use cases such as sales & marketing, coding, etc., or for infotainment through art, comic generation, and more.  While it is apparent that this technology’s potential spans the globe, there is a lack of attention to applications specific to India.


With its diverse cultural landscape, vibrant economy, and unique challenges, India presents a huge opportunity for builders to solve interesting problems by leveraging Generative AI. Therefore, to encourage the exploration of applications in the Indian context, we organised the GenAI Hackathon alongside Entrepreneur First with the theme ‘AI for India’. The 24-hour hackathon took place at the Whatfix headquarters in Bangalore on 10th & 11th of June. A prize pool of INR 3 lakhs, along with additional bounties from our partners AWS and LlamaIndex added extra excitement and incentives for the participants.


The hackathon received an overwhelming response, with an impressive registration count of over 220 teams of more than 500 participants from across Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. From this remarkable pool, we invited a shortlist of 65 high calibre teams to participate in the hackathon. The participant profiles spanned across dimensions, showcasing a wide range of expertise and experience. 


We witnessed the enthusiasm of the youngest participants, still in their first year of college, eager to make their mark in AI. Simultaneously, we were honoured to welcome seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. To add to this diversity, we had participants from across varied academic backgrounds – engineers, doctors, lawyers, product managers, consultants, VCs – coming together to collaborate and exchange ideas. While some had won hackathons in the past, others were inspired to meet like-minded individuals and dabble into the world of AI. It was an extraordinary experience to see this diverse group of individuals pushing boundaries and harnessing the possibilities of AI.


We kicked off the hackathon with an informative session with founders building cutting-edge solutions with AI. Soumyadeep from Dashtoon, Mansoor from Beatoven AI and Arvind from Neuropixel AI shared their journey of building an AI-focused company, insights on building MOATs with engineering and distribution rather than relying on AI itself as well as implications of AI on the larger society. Jerry Liu, founder & CEO of LlamaIndex, joined us virtually to take us through the power of the library in taking LLM into production. We were also joined by Dr Pratik Desai, creator of KissanGPT, who shared his perspectives on building India-specific software tools. 


Throughout the hackathon, our participants were encouraged and guided by our mentors – Vibhor Saran, Harsh Agarwal, Arnaud Schenk, Kushagra Pandya, Amogh Vaishampayan, Rachit Agrawal, and Raghav Goyal. Each of the mentors brought a unique experience of leveraging Generative AI across text, video, image, and voice, along with deep technical expertise, thus enabling our participants to refine their thought process and create sharper solutions. The projects were judged by seasoned professionals – Aayush Lalit Jain, Lavanya Tekumalla, Mohan Gupta, Ravindra Yadav, Ravi Theja Desetty, Sayantan Sarkar, Shubha Shedthikere and Vaibhav Bhargava.


After an exhilarating 24 hours of non-stop hacking, we received 50 incredible projects covering a wide range of use cases, each with its own unique and innovative approach. Let’s explore some of these projects, segmented below into different topics, along with brief introduction, challenge faced and link for product demo:


Solutions enabling farmers


A-gr-I – AI driven community for Farmers

Challenge: Designing a friendly product for farmers.

View the product demo here


GrowWise – Helping Indian farmers make better decisions using satellite imagery based insights

Challenge: Understanding the farm parameters to provide to a Generative AI model


Health & Emergency focused solutions


Dengue Support Agent – An agent serving as a telemedicine support for dengue while following the SOP of treatment and collecting various user data.

Challenge: Capturing the flow of an SOP and the information, without making it like a dumb form or IVR. Additionally, prevention of over talk and hallucination of LLMs was a difficult problem to solve. 

View the product demo here


Sentinel.AI – An emergency response application that utilises AI to prioritise emergency calls and transfer them to the relevant handlers while also providing an expert system chatbot for immediate solutions to low priority problems based on verified data from experts.

Challenge: Training domain specific data for our chatbot and Blockchain implementation

View the product demo here  


Virtual OPD simulator – Enabling resident doctors to augment their OPD experience by interacting with GPT.

View the product demo here


Atrya AI – This application increases the productivity of clinicians/cardiologists by 30% through the automation of their manual workflows, including tasks such as report generation and the creation of personalised treatment plans.

Challenge: Deriving insights from the CCTA scans, which is a set of complex 3D CT scans, where data is distributed over 3 axes.

View the product demo here


Building awareness and penetration of Government schemes


NitiEngine – Conversational multilingual bot connecting citizens with government benefits.

Challenge: Collecting adequate data set that covers all of India

View the product demo here


Scheme Guru – Multilingual voice assistant for government schemes. “Chalo Bharat ko Schemify Karein!”

Challenge: Prevention of LLM hallucination, data cleaning/manipulation and- detecting fraud schemes

View the product demo here 


AI Seva Kendra – Multi-lingual autonomous agents based audio chatbot to help people get information on govt services.

Challenge: Fine tuning LLM model on government specific data sources and restricted compute resources. 

View the product demo here 


SimplifyAI – Simplifies and personalizes government policies for Indians

Challenge: Fine tuning LangChain to read policies and generate results in a consumable and structured format.

View the product demo here 


Solutions specific to law and legal compliances


AI for Law Enforcement – Augmenting Police Training Programmes using AI

Challenge: Limitations of Stable Diffusion in generating niche images

View the product demo here


Intelligent Document Processing – GST automation 

Challenge: Recognising text from diverse set of bills with various formats, fonts and handwriting

View the product demo here


Auror.AI – Helping founders with investment terms using Generative AI in Legal

Challenge: Complex nature of legal documents, multiple data sources

View the product demo here 


Bridging the knowledge & language barrier


Suvidha.ai – A platform that helps bridge the knowledge gap through expert AI agents, built especially for underserved communities of India.

Challenge: Building talking agents in vernacular languages.

View the product demo here


Chalchitra.ai – Transform your text into captivating, lip synced animated videos effortlessly, with multilingual support including a wide range of Indian languages.

Challenge: Finding relevant pre-trained models for our use cases and stitching all the videos together

View the product demo here 


Sharma.JI – a revolutionary tutoring platform that empowers every student to become Sharma Ji’s own accomplished prodigy, offering patient guidance, multilingual teaching, comprehensive reinforcement, and tailored curriculum support!

Challenge: Accurately implementing robust Text to Speech in Hindi 

View the product demo here


In Your Language – Make a video once in your language, play it many times in different languages in your voice


Challenge: Cloning one’s voice in a different language with the same nuances and voice pattern is a challenging problem. It is not yet a 100% solved problem in the industry.


View the product demo here




MythyaNashak – An easy multilingual solution to fact-check news in real-time

Challenge: Fact checking the information through a reliable news source and ensuring the langchain agent does not hallucinate 


View the product demo here


Sanskriti Tales – Jai Shree Krishna! “Sanskriti Tales” is a platform for parents to imbibe Sanskaar in their kids by Hindu mythological storytelling and talking to a Daadi persona to answer their limitless questions.

Challenge: Generative AI model’s consistency and flow of the information across different models and modules. 

View the product demo here 


SparkedAI – Hyper-Personalised Multimedia Generation and Deployment at Scale for Indian SMBs

Challenge: Integrating multiple services (4) in async manner to compose the final deliverable content.

View the product demo here