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Insufficient sales capacity is a key hurdle hampering the growth of SaaS companies with compelling value propositions. Building a GTM function requires foresight around factors like hiring and ramp-up timelines, and the effect of employee churn. Failing to anticipate and plan for these aspects in advance can significantly amplify challenges, especially during rapid growth. 

Enter ‘Your Sales Capacity Planner’ – a model designed to pinpoint the required number of Sales Development Reps (SDR) and Account Executives (AE) to be hired in a particular month, driven by a company’s ARR growth, NDR, sales quotas, hiring lead times and ramp-up times.

This model spans a 2-year planning horizon and assumes a GTM function with separate AEs and SDRs. 

Note: This model is not suitable for teams employing Product Led Growth motions, or those with fewer than 5 sales team members.

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