“We are in a very critical moment of history. When we look back, we want everyone to say that Signzy is the company that built the bedrock of the embedded digital financial services world.”

Ankit Ratan along with Arpit Ratan and Ankur Pandey started Signzy with a vision to redefine the financial services sector by building a digital banking infrastructure. Signzy, with its award-winning no-code GO platform, is now enabling 10 million+ end customer and business onboardings every month at a success rate of 99%, reducing the speed to market from 6 months to 3-4 weeks.

In our first episode of the series, #InTheSpotlight, Ankit Ratan talks about Signzy’s journey so far, the challenges, key milestones and the vision he shares with the team.

00:00 – 01:58 : How did Signzy pivot into enterprise sales?

01:59 – 04:24 : How did Signzy launch its first product and what challenges did you face?

04:25 – 06:48 : How did you build credibility and trust with your first set of customers?

06:49 – 10:45 : How did you communicate your differentiation?

10:46 – 12:12 : What kind of scale is Signzy working on?

12:13 – 15:14 : What led to your partnership with Mastercard?

15:15 – 16:36 : How did you land your first customer outside India?

16:37 – 19:55 : What have been some of Signzy’s seminal moments that have led to its growth?

19:56 – 22:31 : What new opportunities are you seeing for Signzy with the fintech boom?

22:32 – 25:13 : What are the big things you are betting on for Signzy?