Consumers led the first wave of tech adoption in commerce, businesses will lead the next!

B2B Commerce marketplaces connecting Indian supply with domestic and global demand are leveraging technology to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain. 

Several large B2B verticals are highly unorganised and have fragmented supply chains. These markets have structural issues in the form of quality inconsistency, broken discovery, and lack of supply chain visibility. These gaps leave scope for intermediaries to come up with solutions and extract value for themselves in the process.
Due to global supply chain disruptions, “China plus one” is an additional wave that will drive India’s share growth in the global export value chain. Globally, businesses are seeking diversification from China, and India has the potential to emerge as the new manufacturing partner given our high competency and strategic cost advantage. The Ukraine war and Europe’s increased scrutiny of its manufacturers on ESG adherence are acting heavily in India’s favour. On the supply side, the Indian government’s $25BPLI boost for local manufacturers is a step in the right direction to capitalise on this trend. With rapid digital adoption by SMEs already underway, these businesses are ready for a revolution.

We at Stellaris are excited to partner with entrepreneurs building B2B commerce plays, serving varied verticals and geographies. We’ve captured the current B2B commerce landscape below and in the table at this link. As we meet more teams and businesses in the B2B universe, we will be updating this list on a monthly basis.

If you’re a B2B Commerce founder or fanatic, drop me a hello at and we can talk business!

Our B2B Commerce team: Mayank Jain, Naman Lahoty, Rahul Chowdhri, Rupali Goel