Imagine you are responsible for demand generation for a company selling payroll software to mid-market enterprises. Much of your funnel is now generated digitally, as that is where buyers spend most of their time. You have spent a lot of effort in creating the best blog posts, running awesome webinars, optimizing your ad campaigns and what not, with the objective of getting buyers to consider you when they are making a purchase. This effort pays dividends, and person A visits your website as part of her buying journey. A is part of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and would clearly be a serious prospect for your sales team, except your sales reps never got to talk to her, as she went through one or more of the following – got lost in filling the same information about herself and her organization 3 different times; was routed to a rep who did not have context about her industry; the meeting took a week to schedule, by which time A had decided to choose your competitor.

The above example, while hypothetical, is by no means uncommon – estimates suggest 20% of prospects who schedule a sales meeting do not show up for the meeting. Losing serious prospects towards the end of the funnel is particularly painful given the effort spent in nurturing these prospects in the first place, often over an extended period of time; unsurprisingly, it is a pet peeve for revenue leaders in B2B companies of all types, and not just software companies.

The current journey from a buyer clicking on a CTA (Call to Action) on a company’s website to actually speaking with their sales reps is lose-lose for both buyers and sellers. It is onerous for buyers – it often requires them to input details about themselves and their organizations multiple times; it is also sub-par for sellers – buyers want to speak when they click the CTA, and not a few days later. Essentially, at the point of highest intent displayed by a buyer – a form fill/request for demo – they’re met with lukewarm reception from the seller organization in the form of a generic acknowledgement about reaching out soon rather than immediate action. Think about how you would feel if you walked into a car showroom to buy a car you really wanted, but were asked to come back two days later.

The culmination of all the sophistication and effort spent in capturing a digital buyer’s attention is an anti-climactic disappointment in the case of most B2B buying experiences. After all the nuanced, data backed effort in targeting the right buyer, keeping them engaged and landing them on your website, the process of connecting this highly intentional buyer with your seller remains a generic, boilerplate and bland experience in need of serious reimagination. Your VIP buyers are put up with the same paywall like experience to fill up all their details, and asked to wait in the same queue while the sellers navigate a messy inbox and a sea of notifications. Why can’t these buyers that were targeted based on information that the company already knows be presented a fast track experience that matches their intent?  Why are the experiences behind a CTA stuck in the past while the effort to bring them there seem ages ahead?

That’s where RevenueHero steps in. RevenueHero leverages information that is already available about the buyers and powers the best possible experience when they’re looking to connect to a salesperson. RevenueHero connects your website to your CRM and your enrichment databases to instantly qualify, route, and schedule meetings between your prospects and the right person in your sales team.

L to R – Charanyan Venkataraghavan, Pranav R, Hariharan R, Sudharshan Karthik, Aaditya S, Krupesh Muthukumar

In Susa, Aditya, Chara, Hari, Krupesh and Pranav, we found a team which had many of the characteristics we look for at the early stages. There was a track record of building SaaS businesses as part of the early team at Freshworks, a deep understanding of the problem statement which they had faced themselves as operators, and a history of having worked together professionally in addition to being friends for decades. We are delighted to have partnered with the team, and the business has made rapid progress since our investment – they have clearly demonstrated value with their customers (both in India and the North American market), and are now growing rapidly. We are excited about the journey ahead, and are looking forward to RevenueHero becoming the solution of choice for B2B revenue teams who want to elevate the buying experience for their prospects.

Here’s a story published on Forbes covering the investment: