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Where to domicile your company is an important question when starting your SaaS journey, with downstream implications on topics such as taxation, contracting with customers, financing, and exits. Additionally, how one thinks of changing domicile/structure when you are a running business with IP and customers is not straightforward. This is an important topic where much confusion exists in the market.

In this power-packed edition of SaaS Talks, we will look to demystify some of these questions.

00:0001:00: Introduction

01:0105:45: What were the trade offs in your mind while deciding where to domicile the company? – Shashank Bijapur, Spotdraft

05:4609:33: What advice would you give to SaaS founders just starting up? – Abhishek Goenka, Aeka Advisors

09:3414:59: Why did you think about flipping domicile, and how did you go about evaluating it? – Amit Sharma, Whatfix

15:0016:40: What advice would you give to early-stage founders? – Chetan GMS, Stellaris

16:4120:18: How do you decide where to set up domicile and subsidiary?

20:1925:56: How kosher is the structure of gifting to an LLP? How stable are regulations around this?

25:5732:39: Tax implications, operations complexity involved in flipping domicile

32:4035:10: What are the implications of having the company headquartered out of Singapore in place of India?

35:1139:15: Spotdraft’s structure – parent & subsidiary

39:1641:36: Place of Effective Management (POEM) and its implications on domiciling

41:3746:05: In what scenarios would a company look at flipping from US back to India?

46:0647:37: How cumbersome is the process of M&A of foreign companies?

47:3850:29: Challenges on fundraising in India, where the holding company is in the US and subsidiary is in India

50:3053:51: Why do founders still want to domicile in Delaware?

About SaaS Talks: SaaS Talks is a series of discussion sessions organized by Stellaris Venture Partners. SaaS Talks is not a conventional webinar but an inclusive discussion sessions among experts, founders and practitioners to share practical, actionable learnings. No global gyaan.