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Gen AI is transforming the way software is built & maintained, yet its full potential remains unexplored. Building a fully autonomous system that can create software like humans needs complex engineering and deep intelligence in design and feature interoperability.

In this special edition of #SaaSTalks, we’ll explore how Gen AI and heuristics can combine to enhance developer productivity significantly.

00:0001:00: Introduction

01:0111:20: What aspects of software development are most ripe for disruption?

11:2115:13: How do you overcome challenges in building a code generation tool that aligns with what developers want?

15:1427:24: What would the interface look like – language or mathematics?

27:2530:42: Is’s direction the right way to go?

30:4334:29: What percentage of the process will be human-in-the-loop and can a less experienced coder review this?

34:3042:02: In what ways can Gen AI help in improving the underlying data?

42:0347:57: If generation of code is hard, why is understanding it simpler?

47:5851:14: Long term vision of Kombai

About SaaS Talks: SaaS Talks is a series of discussion sessions organized by Stellaris Venture Partners. SaaS Talks is not a conventional webinar but an inclusive discussion sessions among experts, founders and practitioners to share practical, actionable learnings. No global gyaan.