Naman Jain

Naman Jain


Naman is a firm believer in the transformative power of technology and its potential to drive innovation and generate wealth. With his deep understanding and passion for technology, matched by his entrepreneurial spirit, Naman is committed to supporting cutting-edge startups that have the potential to create large outcomes.

At Stellaris, Naman focuses on the firm’s SaaS, Cleantech, Agritech, and Hardware/ IOT investments. In the past, Naman has co-founded Alby, a social curation platform for knowledgeable content. He also worked as a Research Engineer at Deepen AI, where he gained valuable technical expertise that he now leverages in his role as an investor.

He holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Gandhinagar.

Beyond tech investing, Naman is an F1 enthusiast (rooting for Mercedes but a Ferrari fan deep inside), loves board games (avid Catan player), and likes reading about human psychology.

Sectors of focus
SaaS, Cleantech, Agritech, Hardware/ IOT